How the Facebook Algorithm Works in 2021

When you update your profile picture or posted a content in Facebook Personal account.

First, Facebook will show to the small number of your friends. Depending on how they engage with it.

The Algorithm will make a decision on whether or not to show the post to another small number of your friends.

“Like, Comment and Share “.

This are the metrics Facebook will see how people engaging with the post.

Facebook wants people to stay longer in their platform.

Main revenue of Facebook is by ” Facebook Ads”.

How to beat Facebook Algorithm?

  1. Start a Conversation and ask a questions in a Facebook Community Groups.
  2. Avoid using Links because algorithm wants to engage in their platform. They want to keep the people on the platform.
  3. Post a video or do Facebook live in a group.
  4. Use Facebook Profile to get large amount of exposure in Facebook. Facebook Page is used for running ads, followers, reviews and Social Proof.