5 Facebook ads Mistakes you need to know

5 Facebook ads Mistakes you need to know:

1. Giving up early

Facebook have tremendous data points to collect their user information. Running one week ad and asking for more results is not the way.

2. Advertising using one ad format

Testing with multiple ad is the best way to find out which is working. Like Image ad, Video ad, Carousel ad and Slide show ad.

3. Ignoring Ad frequency

Frequency is number of times that each person saw your ad. Maximum frequency should be within 2.5. Try new ad when your ad frequency is crossed 2.5.

4. Facebook ad campaign will be best at stable stage

During learning stage, most of us do changes in the target options to get rid of learning stage. But you need to be patience for Facebook to learn your audience.

5. Not installing pixel in your website

Well, Facebook advertisers are mostly use pixel and not verifying their domains and not even tracking the event measurements.