5 best reasons to stay invested in digital marketing to grow your business

5 best reasons to stay invested in digital marketing to grow your business

5 best reasons to stay invested in digital marketing to grow your business

COVID-19 affects every small scale to large-scale businesses in the year 2020.

You may ask, ” How could business survive in this pandemic situation?”

The answer is: Every business will survive only when they are investing in digital marketing. I’m going to tell you the reason we should invest in digital marketing in the business. In this year 2020, almost all businesses are down because of the pandemic situation. To survive this kind of situation, digital marketing will boost up the business better. Most of the business are running online to power up the revenue.

The internet is playing an important role in our daily lives. Most of the peoples are buying in online platforms to be safe in the time of COVID-19. By bringing, every business online makes people easier to sell and purchase. Everyone is spending more time on the internet to make use of this situation. We must apply the digital marketing efforts in each business-enjoy moving the business online, target the audience using digital marketing tools, to grow the online presence before the competitors strike your business. Now, lets see about how to grow your business through digital marketing.

1. SEO is the best investment for a business:

By investing in SEO for your website is a long-term strategy over time for your business. SEO stands for Search engine optimization. SEO is optimizing your website and rank high in search engine results pages.

SEO for business
SEO is the best investment for business
  • You need to know how SEO works for a business:

Many small and large-scale businesses are presenting their products online for several engagements for their business. Peoples are searching for everything in google search engines. According to the Internetlivestats, everyday google processes over 40,000 search queries every second and 3.5 billion searches per day. You can see how powerful Search engines are.

With this kind of Search volume by ranking in google search results, offer a massive opportunity to get more traffic to your business website.

SEO becomes more important for small businesses. Nowadays, we are searching for everything online via mobile more than desktop searches. This shows that mobile users are increasing day by day. For example, if some tourists come to your town and search “restaurant near me” in google, it shows the local businesses of restaurants. By investing in Local SEO, create an opportunity rank in your area and people make purchase decisions quickly.

  • Top Ranking in Google gives your business trustfulness:

Most of the people are doing research while they purchase something they want. In order to rank in top pages, your website has a relevant content of what people search for. It will help to drive sales when someone clicks through your website.

The number of searches to your website builds trust and relevance for google and they will rank it in the top pages of the search engine result page. SEO ranking in Google is well competitive for every other website. The more you invest in SEO for the long term, the high you rank in google.

Google becomes smarter day by day by improving their algorithm, SEO works is to make good quality content and people will come for the quality content.

To build a long-term brand for your business, you need to create good content and quality products, and excellent reviews about the products or services. This will make google discover your website by search engine crawlers. Search engine crawlers scan your site for keywords, make sure your site is with the right title and descriptions.

It should be the right content for the users and this helps the search engine to rank relevant to their results. Google search engine crawlers look at your social mentions, back links, user behavior as time spent, bounce rate, pages, and many other factors to form the quality of your website.

  • Organic web traffic:

Organic search is the most used search than paid search. Most of the people are clicking the first three organic search engine results websites than the paid results. This shows that people don’t like to click on paid ads. SEO clearly offers a long-term opportunity to rise in digital marketing.

  • SEO gives a good return on investment (ROI):

Compared to other types of digital marketing like paid advertising, Social media marketing leads from email marketing. SEO is a cost-effective way of having your web hosting, content writing in your blog, designing your blog at all other costs of advertising. Even your web page is visited by hundreds of individuals and buying your products pays you a return on investment.

  • SEO is a multi-dimensional skill: 

You can use it for promoting your product or service, build a personal brand, monetize with affiliate marketing, get paid to publish content, and use it for lead generation for a business.

  • How Keyword optimization helps business to grow better?

Keyword optimization is analyzing and selecting the proper keywords to target quality traffic from search engines to your website. In simple terms, the success of organic search lies in how you are researching the keywords, analyzing, and selecting the right search engine keywords for your website.

Keyword optimization requires :

  1. The keyword with over three words.
  2. Keyword Search volume should be greater than 1000.
  3. Keyword SEO difficulty should be less than 30.
  4. Search the trending keywords.

Those are the methods to choose the keywords research. There are many free tools to research the keywords ideas such as UberSuggest, Google Trends, Keyword Generator, Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, and many other tools are available online.

SEO marketing efforts rely on optimizing keywords as Title Tag, Links, Content strategy, Images, Meta description, URL, and Site Structure. We need those factors for how to grow your business through digital marketing in SEO.

2. Digital marketing benefits

This is a generation where the usage of digital marketing has reached the next level. Without digital marketing, nothing is possible in this era. Traditional marketing has some advantages and disadvantages likewise, digital marketing also has pros and cons. Every coin has two sides. Though digital marketing has cons, they widely use it in the online market to attract customers or clients.

Here the benefits of digital marketing are listed,

  • Vast audiences reach:

You can attract customers or clients through this digital marketing platform easily. The audience’s reach is very high if your content speaks in digital marketing. Meaningful content is the backbone of online marketing. Reach of audiences is higher when comparing to traditional marketing.

  • Reach Target audiences:

You can reach one particular set of your niche audiences by using a digital or online platform for getting customers or client to buy your products or services. You can choose your niche set of audiences to use your products or services by making it public in the online marketplace. 

  • Communication:

Communication is the best thing that happened in digital marketing. You can communicate with your customers or clients 24/7 easily in order to understand your clients’ queries. This is one of the best advantages of online marketing.

  • Lower Cost:

Planning of a particular project is very important in any kind of process. In digital marketing, plan your resources accordingly and reach the right customers with no difficulties.

  • Global reach:

By using digital marketing, your product could reach and gain more attention from the world. People around the world could identify your products and services and reach out to you, and you can gain more clients through this online platform.

There are plenty of advantages to digital marketing.

Now comes the money-making strategies in this field.

Mostly online revenue strategies aren’t that complicated.

If you’re angling to earn money online but aren’t sure where to start, here are several of the best and most realistic skills to consider.

  • Content creation
  • Instagram marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Digital marketing
  • UI designing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing

Here are the best ways to earn money using a digital platform.

Now, let’s talk about content marketing:


There are thousands and thousands of definitions available for content marketing. Creating and sharing online materials such as (Blogs, videos, and images) to promote a business or brand is called content marketing.

Content is the core of your brand.

But what does it take to become a good content creator?

Let’s look at three reasons content is so important to any digital marketing strategy!

  • Arrest the eye- make your content hook’s attention and makes someone visit your profile.
  • Customer Retention- Create content accordingly so that your audiences always stay with you.
  • Action-your content must be so appealing in order to make your targeted audiences comment or share your posts often and to be in contact with your business.


The key takeaways are, 

Content can help to educate your audiences, ensuring that they’re making smart purchasing decisions.

Sound pieces of content can help you become more visible online, both on search engines and in social media. It can link quality content to all over the web, increasing the traffic to your website and building authority with search engines.

Guides for creating a content marketing strategy

Why you are creating content, who you are helping, and how you will help them in a way no one else can. Organizations typically use content marketing to build an audience and to achieve at least one of these profitable results: increased revenue, lower costs, or better customers. There are different content marketing strategies that exist today. At the beginning of the content marketing world, marketers had few options. They had only bandit signs, magazines, and newspaper ads. Today, more content marketing mediums and methods exist than ever before in the world’s history. That means that the number of strategies is even greater. Guides for creating a content marketing strategy 

1) Setting objectives and determining the related KPI. 

2) Choose your content channel. 

3) Decide the content and set the budget.

4) Create and distribute the content.

5) Analyze and measure results.

 3. How to grow your business with YouTube (Social Media Marketing)

Social Media Marketing is a part of digital marketing in which you promote your product using social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., The advantage of leveraging social media for your marketing activity is you can promote your product with proper targeting instead of mass marketing.

YouTube is an amazing platform for marketing. It’s NOT like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of the ‘Social platforms’. In fact, it’s not a social platform at all…

YouTube is a content platform, and unlike those social platforms, it does not measure the lifetime of the content you create in minutes, hours, or days…

If you do it RIGHT and put in the work upfront, you can build a library of content on YouTube that shows up in Google, ranks on YouTube, and gets found YEARS after you first upload it. And with some simple systems, you can leverage all that organic traffic to GROW your business and income on autopilot.

You can build organic growth in the YouTube engine, it will make you automated traffic to grow your brand and your business.

Steps to grow your business with YouTube:

  1. Focus on your Target Audience or your customers, what are they searching for. There needs to be search volume for the content you are creating. Do your research and create content, that you know what your audience wants. In your videos, give them what they came for, answer the questions of customers, and give them the content that they wanted.

For example, People are searching for the “best smartphone in 2020”, so you have to create videos to summarize that product. You can also give recommendations around that product with pricing. The key thing here is to focus on what your audience wants because that’s what they are searching for. This is the first step of how to grow your business through digital marketing (YouTube).

2. Research your keywords and find the exact language that your audience is using in the search bar. The purpose of this is to not only identify the topics, but also to uncover the exact language to describe those topics. This will give you a huge insight into the mindset of your audience. The best way to start your business is actually on YouTube itself.

Research Keywords
Source: YouTube

It shows all the keywords of your audience searched in the YouTube search engine. It bases this on previous searches of your audience.

3. Translate Videos to leads. As reviews of the “best smartphone in 2020”, doing this and focusing on what your audience wants first is the fastest way to build a library of content. So you can found organically year after year. This alone is outstanding to build your brand and to drive new leads or get new clients.

Finally, deliver value to your audience is the goal for every business.


Youtube Statistics
Source: YouTube

As you see in this image, you know the importance of YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. Creating more videos on the largest search engines, give you traffic to your site.

Using YouTube to grow your email list:

Let’s see a few statistics from the YouTube source.

  • YouTube gets over one billion hours’ watch hours daily. See how powerful YouTube is.
  • And in an average month, 18 to 34-year-olds are watching YouTube.

Let’s see how to use YouTube to gain more email subscribers rightly.

YouTube wants you to watch more videos. You want to create more content so that viewers will stay long enough and give YouTube revenue.

In every video last minute, wrap up by showing your sales page. Sign-up forms, or Websites, or any free template, or free ebook. So you can provide additional value to your viewers and build trust with your audience.

Then you can easily add your email list by YouTube.

Build your Audience by your videos:

YouTube need not be an all-devouring time trap. All things being equal, attempt to consider it your substance center.

Whenever you’ve made a great video for your YouTube channel, there are endless ways you can reuse that content. For instance:

1. Use your YouTube recordings record as a blog entry.

2. Use a clasp from your video as an Instagram post.

3. Transfer the video to Facebook.

You have more content videos working for you, assembling your idea, and developing your email list.

So since you know how YouTube functions and what you have to do to make a YouTube system, begin making records for your video thoughts.

Use the YouTube search bar to search for points by looking at what different pioneers in your specialty are discussing and going to Google trends to check whether anything is as of now moving in your specialty that could make for a decent video.

In the blink of an eye, you’ll be loaded up with motivation and prepared to construct your email list with your YouTube Videos and grow your business better.

4. How 2020 business is transformed because of COVID-19?

This year 2020 changes every sector of business and personal life. Like every student is attending online classes in Zoom, Google meet, and other online platforms. OTP platforms like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar are dominating the whole television industry, and many viewers are increasing day by day.

Revenue Generated by Netflix
Source: Statista

As you can see from the data of Statista, Netflix has generated a total revenue of 6.54 billion U.S. dollars, and an impressive ever global subscriber base.

This is the right time to invest in digital marketing to grow your business. Because of the lockdown, this sector has become more popular than ever before.

The ultimate reason you should invest in digital marketing because you are invisible and the competitors are going up than you. In the pandemic situation, it increases online shopping because people keep themselves safe, and over 100% increase in online purchase.

Increase in online purchase
Source: Statista

All data provided here, it shows how many people are moving into the digital world. The future of business needs to adapt to run a business in digital marketing.

What we learned in this pandemic situation is “A Contact-less enterprise”.

OTT Platforms had massive growth:

Amazon witnessed over 67% growth while Netflix witnessed over 60% growth in subscription during the time of lockdown due to COVID-19. Velocity MR. recorded this statistic.

The pan-India study conducted by Velocity Mr naming ‘Surviving COVID-19 and beyond: A consumer perspective part 2’, says Amazon, Netflix, Google’s owned YouTube has witnessed tremendous growth in subscription rate in the period of Lockdown because of COVID-19. Four out of Five Indians have subscribed to these platforms during the period of lockdown. Amazon has witnessed a 67% growth in the subscription rate. Netflix has witnessed over 60% growth in subscribers’ rates. 

I collected the study data from a stratified sample size of 3,000 volunteer respondents in April 2020. I conducted this statistic to have a note that how people react during the lockdown period inside the home for all the 24/7. The people’s sentiments towards COVID-19 and how they spent their precious time during the period of lockdown inside the home. The time spent in work; it collected entertainment records during this study and covers all these stats of consumer engagement during the period of lockdown.

According to the records, they know it that over 73% of people consumed YouTube and Hotstar content more regularly than the usual time. 41% rise in the Disney-owned Hotstar subscription rate. YouTube (Google’s free video platform) saw a 46% rise in the subscription rate.

DTH Subscriptions Growth:

The study reported that over 40% of the people have taken a new DTH subscription in the lockdown duration, as the time of lockdown has continued for more than a couple of months and a half across the country. The study also reported that 65% of people preferred to watch international and national news inside the house all the 24/7. 80% of people preferred watching movies on Tv or in Amazon or Netflix subscriptions during a lockdown.25% of people watched the re-telecasted shows or ongoing shows that are being telecasted during the lockdown time.

Pharmacy apps growth:

Medlife and Netmeds also had a tremendous growth rate with 47% and 45% respectively, it was also said to be the most preferred pharmacy apps during the period of lockdown. 72% of the people voted for Kirana stores as they feel so comfortable and safer to buy groceries during the lockdown time as the condition was worse than any time. Other than this, people started buying groceries using digital platforms such as Big Basket and Amazon Pantry. It referred them to as the most preferred apps.

Online Education Platform Growth:

The most surprising thing that happened during the period of lockdown is over 48% of people have enrolled their names in online courses. Most inclination has seen among those below 35 years of age. The study also revealed that Byju’s saw the highest rate in enrolment data with nearly 33% of the candidates enrolling their names in courses to learn a new skill to use their precious time in the period of lockdown. Unacademy and Udemy have also witnessed over 28% of usage subscription rate equally.

Video-conferencing applications growth:

The video conferencing applications has been hit almost for 8 months during the period of lockdown and since they work from home concept became a mandatory situation for any IT employees to attend the conference calls or to do a presentation in online. Over 80% of the respondents say video conferencing has got a tremendous rise in usage. Most people use WhatsApp video conference call, thus making it the top video conferencing app used during the time of lockdown. Skype has got a 41% hike rate in this pandemic situation. 



5. Build your Digital Presence for your business

Here we go,

Build your website:

with a website, you might reach the millions of visitors who visit the internet. Internet users visiting your website notice your products and services and can contact you in case of any requirement. So you can increase your marketing reach.

Get your domain name:

Register your domain name first. If your business is established very well in the initial stage, then your brand name would become your domain name. Create an innovative and catchy domain name for your website to be registered. Namecheap.com, GoDaddy.com, name.com are several registrars to get your domain name from.

Host your website:

The registered website needs storage and servers to live on and hosting your website is because you create some server space and an IP address for your website in the WWW (World wide web). The speed of the loading page is damn crucial for performing the website. It is one such major factors to improve your SEO ranking in Google Search. It is expensive.

Create content and design your website:

If I host your domain name, design your website and make sure you write your content in it. Content would become popular on the internet. Word press, which is the best open source or free content management system in the world, can create content for your website. Without knowing web designing and web development, you can work with word-press to create good content and make it popular on the internet.

Web Analytics:

  Web analytics is available in the individual Digital Marketing tool level such as Google AdWords or any email marketing tool, and it is also available as a separate tool that integrates all digital channels and gives a unified view of the Digital Marketing Channel effectiveness. Google Analytics is a well-known Web analytics tool which comes in a free and a premium paid version.

Advanced topics in digital marketing:

Mobile Apps

Universal Analytics


Mobile Apps:

This is an emerging field and has a lot of potential.

Universal Analytics:

This technology has revolutionized Digital Marketing and integrated all Digital channels such as mobile, laptop or standalone digital devices. Thus, the user can be tracked through all the digital media he uses. This has increased the effectiveness of Digital Marketing multifold times. Advanced Analytics works on the concept of the id of the user. So, it gives every individual user a unique user id, and it tags all the devices he uses with that id. Thus, with a single id, the user is tracked on different channels.

 Advanced Analytics also can integrate offline channels and data sources such as ERP systems or any other offline excel based data sources with online digital channels. This has helped Data Analytics a lot.


E-commerce also comes in with a lot of web analytics, which helps you convert prospects into customers. Having the e-commerce channel promotes the business as customers have another channel to consume your goods or services.


The importance or the best way to stay invested in digital marketing to grow your business is what we have seen in this article. Only by implementing, one can master this emerging field “Digital Marketing”

So, wait for what? Start learning the basics or fundamentals of marketing in order to be a digital marketer. Implement it in your organization and be a master in this field. 

Finally, you learned about “how to grow your business through digital marketing”.

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